Putting the Watchi Kids and the App into use


For IOS click Here.

For Android click Here.

On startup you have to fill in your E-mail and password. If you have not done this already. You have to register first!  Fill in your own name and E-mail adres. Click on get verification code(richt side). A timer will start running. This timer indicates a email has sent to you with the verification code. Fill in the verification code from your email into the app. After filling in the verification code, fill in your telephone number and the password of your liking.  Click on Complete. You will receive a message the registration was complete.

Please look at our video for extra information on how to register and login. instruction video

Please look at our video for extra information on how to:  Inserting Sim card, Pincode and QR-code

The Watchi has 2 kind of users. A Primary user and a family member or secondary user. The primary user can change all the Watchi settings. The family members or secondary users can view the Watchi position and sent messages they cannot adjust any settings.

As a primary user you have to scan the QR-code of the Watchi by clicking on “Scan binding QR-code”. As a family member or secondary user you have to press “Enter the invitation code”

Please look at our video for extra information on how to: connect to the Watchi with a QR-code

Press as primary user on the Wheel icon on the bottom right side of the main app screen. Press Family member then press invite family members. Now you can invite family members(secondary users) to connect to the Watchi. You can directly invite them as contact with there name and Mobile phone number. Or sent them a SMS invitation.

The family member will receive a SMS with a invitation code. Now please follow steps 8 to 9 as family member(secondary user).

Please look at our video for extra information on how to: Add family members(seconday users).

Standard the Watchi is set to the english language. When you go to the screen “device” on the Watchi and tap on it you can swipe down to see the language settings. You can change the language into english, french and Dutch.

Please look at our video for extra information on how to: Change language in the Watchi

The data the Watchi collects is stored on our secure server. Our servers are secured and managed by Amazon. The data will NOT be shared with third parties or used for advertorial purposes! The data is only available for you and your family members. The data can only be viewed by family members if you invite them to do so.

The Watchi hardware

Watchi supports all European providers. Choose the provider with the best offer. But we always advice to use providers with the largest national network. That way you can always reach your child and is the positioning more accurat.

With Watchi you can make and receive calls. The Watchi also needs an internet connection to send position data.

The Watchi is on of the most accurate smartwatches in the market today. Watchi uses for its positiong:

  • Satellite (GPS)
  • GSM-network (LBS)
  • Wireless networks (WIFI)

This way the Watchi is accurate indoor as well as outdoor.

De Watchi is Splash proof. This means that it can handle rain and drops of water easily. But when you wear the Watchi during swimming there is a change the Watchi gets damaged.  The reason why the Watchi is not 100% water proof is because of the Sim card slot. We preferred the ability to change to the sim card of your liking over making the Watchi 100% water proof. We think the free choice of a provider is very important even more important then swimming with a Watchi. Wrong Choice? please let us know.

The Watchi has the largest battery of all the kids tracking watches that are in the market today, 600 mAh. The gps positioning is the thing that is costing the Watchi the most energy. This can be easily set by the primary user. Dependent on the how often the Watchi reports his position the battery life will be longer or shorter. The positioning can be set to:

  • High frequency; automatically reports his position every 5 minutes, battery life: 24 hours
  • Medium frequency; automatically reports his position every 10 minutes, battery life: 36 uur
  • Normal frequency; automatically reports his position every 30 minutes, battery life:  48 uur
  • Battery saving mode; automatically reports his position every 60 minutes, battery life: 72 uur

Please look at picture below for the dimensions of the Watchi.



We strive to have all orders delivered before 15:00 Dutch time to sent the same day. In the Netherlands we have a next day delivery. Depending on you country in the EU it can take up to three day. We do our best to get the Watchi to you as soon as possible.

We are affiliated and approved by the webwinkelkeur organization and comply with there terms and conditions. This means if you are not satisfied you can return the Watchi within 14 days and get a full refund of your purchase amount. Please see return page for more information. Or just sent us an email service@watchi.nl

We offer a 24 month guarantee period.

Solving problems

If you use a prepaid card you often have to activate your card the first time. This is possible by putting the sim card in a normal phone and call or send a message just one time. Often you get a confirmation sms from the provider.

In that case there already is a primary user. This Primary user can sent you an invite to connect to the Watchi. (Please read point 10.)

The sim card is not inserted correctly. Please insert the sim card with the sim card chip facing upward.

Do you have any other questions?

Do you have any other questions please not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at +31 (0)70 2143221 or sent a mail to service@watchi.nl.

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