WATCHI CARE Professional

Stylish personal alarm for intramural and extramural care. Know exactly where the clients are located at a glance. Send messages and call your clients or set a reminder for drug intake or a doctor's appointment. All in one device.

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Locatie en veilige zone

Never getting lost again

The positioning of the Watchi Care is the best in the market. Both intra and extramural.

The Watchi Care uses WiFi / GPS / LBS technology and the position is determined by Google location services. The Watchi can also be connected for intramural positioning with beacons so that the position of your clients is accurately displayed to 1,5 meter. It can not be more accurate!

With zone detection you can set areas in which it is safe for your client. These zones are indicated on a digital map and stored in the wearer's profile. The zones can vary during the day and night and can be adapted to the lifestyle. If your client leaves a zone, an alarm automatically follows. The alarm is then sent to the SOS chain.

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In case of an emergency

In case of an emergency the SOS chain will be activated. If a communication with a contact has been obtained a direct voice-listening connection is setup. The care giver can see the position of the Watchi on his computer or smartphone.

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Take your medicine

Through the management portal you can set reminders and appointments for your client. For example, when medication need to be taken or your client has to go to an appointment. Your client must respond to reminders to indicate that the memory has been read. These notifications are registered for possible care reports.

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How is it going today?

With the Watchi Care watch messages can be received and sent. Messages are displayed on the screen of the watch and the text is shown or read out loud. The watch vibrates and makes sound so your client knows that a new message has arrived.

Messages can be answered by touching icons to show the sender that the message has been received. This way you always keep in contact with your client. These messages are also logged. This allows the reports within your organization to be reported.

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Make a quick phone call?

Watchi Care has its own SIM card. With the Watchi Care your client can make and receive calls. That is why during the development extra attention was paid to the speaker and the microphone. For a crystal clear sound.

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Watchi portaal 1

Monitoring with the Watchi portal

On the management page of the Watchi Professional you can easily enter, change and print reports of all the information (notifications, position, messages) and settings of the personal alarm. You can also edit the management page from a smartphone.

Does your organization already have a portal for your current domotics or nurse call system? No problem. The Watchi portal can be easily integrated with this.

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Watchi is ready for the future!

The Watchi professional and the management portal are the basis for our 'remote care solution'. Watchi is also expanding its portfolio with Active Assistent Living (AAL) solutions. These can all be operated and monitored from the platform.

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AAL Devices

Accessoires Watchi

Various leather straps

allemaal (Small)

A stand for easy charging the Watchi

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-13 om 21.00.46

Additional charging platform. Including plug and charging cord.

2017.02.27 Watchi_8 (Small)

Hanger to wear the Watchi around the neck

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-13 om 21.00.59

Leather strap with lock

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-13 om 21.01.10

Key for leather strap with lock

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Dr. Walter Liebhart

CEO iLogs

“Helps not just only the affected ones, but also relieves their relatives and care giver.”

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