The GPS watch for children does what it promises. Accurate positioning. Easy calling and sending messages. A safe feeling.
* Price includes: 2 year warranty, pre-paid sim card value 10,- and free delivery in the Benelux


Innovative personal alarm. Easy to operate and adjust. Gives you and your loved ones the freedom and peace of mind.
*Price include: 2 year warranty and free delivery in the Benelux

The benefits of a Watchi

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Sim card

The Watchi has its own SIM card. So no connection with a smartphone is needed.

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Accurate positioning

The position of the Watchi is extremely accurate. Up to at least 20 meters accurate! Knowing where a loved one or client is has never been easier.

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Direct contact

Always in contact. This is child's play with the Watchi. You can make calls, send text and voice messages or icons. At any time and wherever you are. A safe feeling.

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Automatic messages

You can set reminders on the Watchi. Whether it is about dinner time or taking medication, everything is possible. The wearer of the watch automatically receives a message and the app shows whether the message has been read.

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Need any help? One press of the red button of the Watchi and a family member or helper automatically receives a message or is called. Because a position is sent immediately, the help is quickly in the right place.

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Agenda function

The agenda function of the Watchi ensures that you never forget anything. Appointments are easy to schedule and you receive notifications on the watch.

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Exercise is healthy. And it is quite useful to know how much you, your child or your client is moving. You can keep track with the handy pedometer. You can also set goals to stimulate more exercise.

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Large display

The screen of the Watchi is nice and big. This makes it easy to read and easy to use. Children absolutely love the swipe function, but older people can also get along well with the Watchi.

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There is a school modus especially for the Watchi Kids. They need all their attention at school. That is why you can set the Watchi so that they can not use the watch during school hours.

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The smartest smartwatch for kids

With the Watchi Kids you can give your child the freedom is deserves and yourself peace of mind. Because with our accurate GPS tracker, you always know the position of your child.

Watchi combines the advantages of a tracking watch, with the easy of usage of a smartphone. Send a message at any time, receive or just call.

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A Watchi smartwatch does what it promises!

When it comes to your loved ones, you choose the highest quality. If you opt for accuracy, reliability and safety. You choose Watchi.


A stylish personal alarm

You can ask for help at the touch of a button. The position data is also sent along with the report. This way help is always quickly in the right place. A safe feeling. But the Watchi Care is more than a personal alarm. You can also set reminders, send messages or just call. This way you will always stay in touch.

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